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If you've been wondering why you couldn't find the video for " Hit The Floor" by Rare Essence feat. Snoop Dogg it's because they had a trick up their sleeve. In another big splash for the genre, Vibe Magazine premiered the video today with an accompanying article by Vibe founding Editor Rob Kenner.

Here's how the whole thing happened...

- Back in August 2018, Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video showing Tha Doggfather smoking to "Hey Buddy Buddy," a signature Rare Essence jam recorded live at Washington D.C.'s Club U. That IG post kick-started a collaboration.

"I approached them like they approached me," Snoop recalled. "I want them to know that I love their music and I love what they stood for and the feeling was mutual. That's why we went right in. It wasn't no management or none of that shit. We just basically made it happen. It was like, What's happenin'? Where y'all at? Where I need to be? Around the alley? Around the corner? OK, I'll pull up."

"Having a hip-hop icon like Snoop Dogg on a song is definitely one of the highlights of our career," said Andre "Whiteboy" Johnson, who co-founded Rare Essence when he was an 11-year-old student at St. Thomas More elementary school in SouthEast Washington. "A lot of bands don't make it to a milestone such as 45 years and to have a song released with Snoop makes this year that much cooler."

Read the full Vibe article here.

To stream or purchase the song, click here

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