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Updated: May 7, 2022

Curated by DMV native and local music champion DJ Domo, the playlist was greenlit by another DMV native and WPGC alum, Mjeema Pickett. Both ladies have been instrumental in pushing DMV music to the masses and deserve the thanks of the Go - Go community for this for sure.

Just in case you're not aware of how Spotify playlists work. Anyone can make one. In fact, GOGOTIX has five Go - Go playlists divided up by era of Go - Go, plus a "Hits" playlist and a "Best Go - Go covers" playlist. This new playlist however, is an official Spotify Editorial playlist which brings a whole new level of credibility to the genre.

We suggest bands and artists start creating some new hits now, as your chances that people outside of the DMV will hear them just got a whole lot better.

Check out the official playlists below.

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