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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The last few months have seen a wave of renewed interest in go-go music. From multiple articles about the genre in Rolling Stone Magazine, to go-go bands performing at Pharrell’s Something in the Water Fest, Big G of Backyard, Kacey of Black Alley and Lil Chris of TOB appearing on his Othertone podcast and of course Justin Timberlake trying and failing to beat his feet. Once again, the spotlight of pop culture shines a small corner of its light on us.

In an effort to grab us some shine before that light dims, go-go futurist Malachai Johns is again making an effort to bottle up our magic and serve it to the world. Known mostly as the creator, manager and producer of the Billboard charting Go-Go band Mambo Sauce, Johns launched his second record label, 7070 Sound in 2020 to create and release the new sound of go-go music as well a small selection of the genre’s best catalog.

In July, Johns secured distribution for 7070 Sound with Troy Carter’s LA based, NFT gated distribution and label services company Venice Music Collective, alongside artists like Brent Faiyaz and Amine. Troy Carter is best known for managing the successful careers of Lady GaGa, John Legend, Eve and Meghan Trainor before heading to Spotify as their head of Creator Services. Subsequently, he founded the tech firm Q&A of which Venice Music Collective is a part. "The distribution deal with Venice doesn't solve all of the problems with Go - Go breaking into the mainstream, but it's a huge step in the right direction for sure", Johns says. In addition to providing distribution and label services like playlist promotion, sync and even potential additional funding to their clients, Venice also has an upstream deal with Atlantic Records for qualified artists/labels and will be opening a "house" for members in early September with recording studios and performance space in Hollywood, CA.

“Don’t Matter” by Beat Ya Feet dancer Crazylegz feat. TOB and Kacey of Black Alley marks 7070 Sound's first release of 2022. The track is starting to build momentum on streaming platforms and is currently in rotation at WPGC 95.5fm.

7070 also plans to re - release a deluxe version of 2009's "The Recipe" album by Mambo Sauce featuring two unreleased tracks.

7070 looks to develop young Go-Go stars of the future with an approach focusing more on individual Go - Go Artists rather than full bands. Interested artists should email music links, video links, photo links (not files) etc. to

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