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The song “ All the way” is my tribute to go-go music. I’m a fan and collector of go-go music for a long time and it really influenced my own music. In my songs percussion is always a very important part of the groove. I always l search for a way in which all the separate parts melt together . After a Chuck Brown concert around 1990 in Utrecht, Holland, I met the legendary drummer JU JU House backstage. I had a really cool talk with him about how to keep the beat "open, transparent and funky." This concert is still in my top 10.

“ All the way” is an advice, especially to myself, to keep on following your own route and not to be held back by all the doubts along the way.

The band Press, Rec & Play is a new art and music project. Last year I released the album Excellent mistakes that I recorded in-house with musician friends from Amsterdam. All members of the band have a great love for go-go music and when we play live we want to stay in that groove as long as possible.

Oskar Maarleveld is a visual artist and musician from Amsterdam. In the 90’s was part of a 13 headed funk and go-go band called Traffic Jam and later on the funk band Beeswax. Press, Rec & Play is his first solo project. All songs are written, produced and performed by Oskar. Members of the band: Bass: Arjan Ettes , Keys : Pieter Jan Cramer van den Boogaart, Guitar: Gerold Guthman, Percussion: Marco Pupping, Trumpet: Gijs Levelt. 

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