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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

(Op Ed by songwriter/producer Kevin "Uno" Blackmon)

I've had a few recent conversations about some of the negative feedback on the new Rare Essence and Snoop Dogg song, “Hit The Floor”....

What about the positive? From what I’ve seen, the positive response has outweighed any negative comments by 20 to 1.

The song is getting rave reviews from consumers who are downloading and streaming it. It’s getting love from local radio to international media acclaim (Vibe video premiere, ET Canada, etc.)

The only people speaking negatively about the track are the “Purist’s” or so - called “Go-Go Heads” ....

The rise of these self proclaimed critics coincided with the advent of the music message board culture and has since spilled over to social media.

The internet gave people a way to voice their opinion without really being in the mix and seeing what people actually think. The purist’s took that over in most genres.

As a writer/producer and a promoter, I've never cared what a purist thinks. Most of them don't come outside and spend money... I'm not only a fan. I'm also a part of the business side of the of the culture, so I watch who is walking and who is just talking.

Be it a party, or music … I create for fans, not critics.

Purist’s do nothing but pick things apart and smother culture from the comfort of their home.

For example… Hip - Hop purist’s hated the rise of Diddy, Jay Z, No Limit, Cash Money, Kanye etc... But where would Hip-Hop be without them?

I’ve always said that, “Opinions are expensive”... if you can't afford it, then keep it...It’s called a “valued opinion” for a reason.

That's why they put the suggestion boxes at cash registers and survey information at the bottom of receipts.

The fact is most purist’s hate growth and progression... They always want that old thing back. Anything outside of the normal or what's popular, they’ll rebel against it.

But time and success proves any purist wrong when you create quality... Here are a few Go - Go examples that I've seen personally ...

1. When Scooby and I wrote and recorded "Sunshine" with Lissen

The PURIST’s said...

"It was too smooth"

Lissen caught all kinds of hate...they were called the the fake Maze among other insults


Lissen took over the City and now “Sunshine” is a ghetto classic and may be on national TV tomorrow or next week, 17 years later.

2. When Chucky (Thompson) and I wrote and produced "Block Party" with Chuck Brown

The PURIST’s said...

It wasn't Go - Go ...

How are you gonna tell Chuck Brown he isn't making Go - Go?... That's like telling Levi he isn't making jeans the right way...That gives you a window into their mindset right there.


“Block Party” put Go - Go back on the Billboard charts and still gets nationwide radio play 'til this day....


3. When Chucky Thompson and I wrote and produced "Chuck Baby" with Chuck Brown

The PURIST’s said...

"Again... that it wasn't Go - Go ..."

Chucky is literally playing on BUCKETS like JYB started on...


Today...13 years later Chuck Baby has the most collective plays on youtube of any song in Go - Go history including Da Butt and has a popular line dance in the south and midwest that we don't even do here because the "purist’s" would rather beg the DJ to play the wobble and learn that dance...

4. Jill Scott, Marcus Miller and Chuck Brown - "Love"

The PURIST’s said…

"It’s too R&B"


Grammy Nominated

6. Candiace Dillard from real Housewives of Potomac feat. Big G and BYB "I See You" (written and produced by myself and Chucky Thompson)

The PURIST’s said...

"Oh now she tryna use Go -Go ?"


Go - Go is the first song on the episode...a show viewed by 1.7 million viewers per week and got GREAT reviews ....


We are here ...

7. Rare Essence feat. Snoop Dogg "Hit The Floor" (co - written and produced by myself and Chucky Thompson)

The PURIST’s said...

"It don't sound like RE "

It’s literally a Sample from "Hey Buddy Buddy" ..not a replay ...That's the OLD RE you hear

HOW can you say it doesn't sound like RE when it literally IS RE from an old PA TAPE??

We've sampled everybody's music for decades... We figure out a formula to sample OURSELVES and we pick it apart and say it ain't us, it's too commercial.

I just wrote some West Coast melody and feel on top of it and Chucky added some West Coast sounds so it translates across the globe to what Snoop would sound like ... And people are saying Snoop messed up Go Go... The Jay Z of the West Coast.. World renowned artist and DJ who can literally now take Go - Go music everywhere he goes as his OWN... Because he is now officially part of the culture and not just a fan of the music.


It worked!!! ....INSTANTLY!!!

This one won't take years though....

Go - Go has everything else but with this RE and Snoop track, Go - Go might finally get it's OWN Platinum Plaque! Not as a feature or a sample but as the MAIN artist!

And you know what the purist’s will say then...."Bout time "


Because it's not about the art or progression of culture with them it's about their own selfish personal pleasures.

Go - Go has been the battered spouse for years ... You don't treat it like you should but you don't want nobody else to have it ... Those days are OVER. They’ve really been over but people just weren't paying attention.

So all you PURIST’S use the eyes in your “Go - Go Heads” and pay attention to this movement ...

Don't believe me, just watch!!


Kevin “Uno” Blackmon is a songwriter and performer. Born and raised in the Benning Road/Marshall Heights section of Washington DC, he changed his focus from basketball to music after a year in junior college. His focus over the years has always been on giving a platform and voice to music creators from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) markets, though his songwriting, performing, promoting and showcasing work.

His early work included the Benzino Redemption album. He co-wrote Would You featuring Lisa Raye and Mario WInans, Different Kind of Lady feat Lovher on the Benzino album in 2002. He co-wrote Make Me Better with Ann Nesby and Chucky Thompson recorded by Grammy nominated artist Ann Nesby in 2003 (and re-released in an expanded edition in 2018). In 2004 he co-wrote Sunshine for the massively popular DC band Lissen. In 2007 he co-wrote Chuck Baby and Block Party for DC music icon Chuck Brown on his #1 Independent Billboard debut, and #2 R&B Billboard debut album “We’re About the Business.” Block Party became a favorite of radio and TV personality Steve Harvey on his nationally syndicated morning show. Chuck Baby was featured in 2020 on Michelle Obama’s 2020 Workout Playlist. In 2011 Mr. Blackmon co-wrote the Grammy nominated “Love” recorded by Chuck Brown featuring Jill Scott and Marcus Miller, along with Senorita, All For You, and Jingle Jangle all on the Chuck Brown “We Got This” 3-disc set. In 2010 Mr. Blackmon teamed up with Brian Culbertson and co-wrote “Feelin’ It” recorded by Brian Culbertson and Chuck Brown with guest appearances by Sinbad, Faith Evans and Ray Parker Jr. A live version of this song was released by Culbertson in 2019. Kevin Blackmon also toured with Chuck Brown in 2011 performing live in concert and on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert”. In 2011 Mr. Blackmon worked with Kindred the Family Soul in co-writing the song “Going to the Go-Go” recorded by Kindred the Family Soul featuring Chuck Brown and DJ Kool.

In 2012 Mr. Blackmon co-wrote the title track “Beautiful Life” for Chuck Brown, along with Pop That Trunk, Still Crankin’, and Lighters (the music video of Lighters and Beautiful Life were featured on VH1 Soul). Working with the Legendary DC band Rare Essence, he co-wrote “VIP” and “Hold Me Down” in 2016 for their album Turn It Up. Teaming up with The Chuck Brown Band in 2017 and in 2019 he co-wrote the singles “Show Me Love” and “It’s Alright”. In 2019 he began working on a song with Rare Essence featuring Snoop Dogg entitled “Hit The Floor” slated for a 2020 release.

Throughout his career he has promoted DMV bands at various locations throughout the city, performed on his own, and continued to work on his songwriting skills.

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