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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

One doesn't normally think about dancers putting out songs unless they're also a rapper or a singer, but the King of Beat Ya Feet Crazylegz did just that. "Don't Matter" featuring TOB and Kacey of Black Alley is the first release from the forthcoming "Crazylegz Presents" EP. The song and EP are produced by Malachai Johns, Go - Go veteran and co - writer and producer of the Mambo Sauce Album "The Recipe" including the smash hits "Miracles" and "Welcome to DC". The track was released on Johns' 7070 Sound. A label created strictly for Go - Go Music. Crazylegz doesn't perform on the song, but you can check out a preview of it as he dances to it on the second slide of this post from The Shade Room. The post showcases authentic Beat Ya Feet Dancers performing, in light of the awkward attempt to do so by Justin Timberlake at the Something in the Water Festival. You can download or stream the full track here. Let's support this original bounce beat music and continue to apply pressure to the momentum that go - go is currently enjoying!

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