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If you were lucky enough to have caught it on the big screen at The Fillmore on August 6 with a special performance of the recored by Black Alley featuring Lil Chris of TOB and Crazylegz, you already know this isn't your typical Go - Go music video. Check it out below.

“Don’t Matter”, a new Bounce Beat Go - Go track by Crazylegz feat. TOB and Kacey of Black Alley is snubbing conventions in multiple ways. To start, collaborations are few and far between in the world of Go - Go. The track includes features from the lead vocalists of two of the DMV’s hottest bands, Kacey of Black Alley and Lil Chris of TOB, who also just happen to be two of the three panelists on the latest episode of Pharrell Williams Othertone podcast “A celebration of Go - Go”). Musically, the song flouts typical Go - Go tropes like musical turnarounds every eight bars, incessant synthesized horn blasts, crew shout outs mimicking the live experience of Go - Go and lyrics mostly focused on party and club culture. The mostly subdued, almost melancholy vibe of the track evokes more Drake than Rare Essence, but the ear worm hook punctuated by the thunderous bounce beat ensures no one will mistake this for anything other than Go - Go. The most surprising thing about the track is that, although it’s a Crazylegz song he doesn’t appear on it as a musician or vocalist. He's more of a catalyst for collaboration a la DJ Khaled. Just without screaming "We da best" on every track.

The Bounce Beat, Go - Go track, was produced by Go - Go futurist Malachai Johns and written by Kyle “Footwerk” Higganbotham, Chris Wright (of Mambo Sauce and Northeast Groovers, Johns (Also of Mambo Sauce,Northeast Groovers and more) and David Cleveland (of The What? Band and Sirius Company). The song was released by John’s Go - Go Label 7070 Sound, distributed by Troy Carter's Venice Music Collective.

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