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Photos by Johnny Johnson for x Canary Acre Vizuals

For the first time in four years, the curtain on Howard Theatre’s stage lifted to unveil D.C.’s own

Backyard Band. The twenty-plus year vets welcomed a packed house well-before midnight;

from the rooftop bar down to the dance floor. Fresh off of performing for Something In The

Water two weeks ago, the band created in Northwest returned to their stomping grounds.

Security swiftly allowed patrons into the historic venue, as the clear night skies settled in over

the city. As-advertised, the band came prepared to perform three high-energy sets; and the

crowd came to party. From the opening click of the sticks from legendary drummer Paul “Buggy”

Edwards, Backyard came out the gate drawing the crowd in with serenading covers such as

Gap Band’s “Outstanding” that had the crowd reciting the lyrics. Singers Tiffany “Sweetthang”

White, Earl Vincent and Leroy “Weensey” Brandon wooed the crowd before iconic lead talker

Anwan “Big G” Glover took over the show.

A torrential downpour outside didn’t stop patrons from filling in, as showers began throughout

the metropolitan area.

Glover started out the first set shuffling through a range of hits from the band’s catalog, which

spans more than three decades. The crowd celebrated the chosen set list, as the band took

them down memory lane. As expected with a Backyard crowd, there was a great range of ages

in attendance, from baby-faced barely-legal adults to gray beards. A mother and daughter duo

wore matching outfits announcing their respective titles, the mother passing down her love for

the backyard sound to her daughter. Patrons shuffled from the bar to the dance floor, as

Backyard ran through countless hits like Unibomber, Skillet and the long-list of dope jam’s

through the three sets.

As light rain hit the streets outside; the party kept going indoors.

Partygoers danced all throughout the balcony and along the stairs and halls, as the sound from

the timbales echoed down to the bathrooms in the basement. The band kept the adrenaline

high, with short intermissions before they went right back to work.

As the curtain came down to end the night, Glover freestyled to the crowd, as patrons hit the

doors. The event now opens the doors to more future returns for the BYB to Howard Theatre,

with no fights or disturbances taking place. In what will go down as another iconic Backyard

show, we can continue to rely on the Go-Go sound to connect generations and individuals from

all over the metro area for one common cause - crank.

Catch them again on August 6 in The Loft at City Winery . Get your tickets here

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